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Pivotal hypnotherapy


Hypnosis in Orlando

How Hypnosis Works~

Kim Croft, board Certified Clinical Hypnotherapy

Take a new path.

We have all had pivotal moments in our lives where we shift our perceptions about who we are and where we are headed - change our beliefs. The strongest were coupled with emotion. When you were very young those changes often took place without your realizing it and they frame who you are today.

Now, think about a time in your adult life a time when you wanted to make positive changes, however no matter how you tried you were unable to do so. This may even be true for you today. Frustrating.

Armed with knowledge, desire, even fear of death - still no change in the end. Why?

How Hypnosis Works

Imagine two minds: the conscious and subconscious mind.

The subconscious mind stores all the memories and beliefs that are yours. Those beliefs were formed as a result of your perception of pivotal events over time, the strongest beliefs have been there so long you may not consciously remember where they originated. The subconscious believes every remembered perception to be true.

The conscious mind is analytical, critical, reasoning and judgmental; the home to “will power”, choice, and decision. The “voice in your head”, the critical factor, is part of your conscious mind. The critical factor is constantly comparing new ideas to beliefs already held. If new ideas are too different from those beliefs already held in your subconscious, they are rejected.

Pivotal Hypnotherapy in Orlando can help you facilitate the positive changes you want with the use of hypnosis. While in hypnosis the critical factor of your conscious mind is by-passed, allowing communication directly with your subconscious mind. The conscious mind is always present during hypnosis, however off to the side. The critical factor, the automatic filter, is by-passed during hypnosis. While in hypnosis new, positive suggestions are now able to be introduced and accepted by your subconscious. In this way the changes you consciously want to make now match the beliefs held by the subconscious, allowing the changes you consciously desire.

Take a new path today.